Spring 2015 Jewelry Trends

Spring is finally here. But it’s not like the weather knows the difference. We have been searching the web for the newest trends and this year the movement is extravagance and bright colors. Anything from earrings that are big enough to be seen across a room, to bracelets that cover half of your arm. We know the statements are hard for some of us to imitate, so we have compiled the jewelry we want to share with you to the styles and colors of these spring 2015 trends, rather than the size. The thing about fashion, though is that practicality is hardly a question. Who cares about that? But we need it, whether we know it or not. The pictures you see are just a few of the spring 2015 functional, and trending pieces from our shop that have gotten a boost with this new season.

The spring trends this year can be a perfect way to perk up your outfit. Its cute, functional, and bold all at the same time. It’s easy to create the style you want, with a little bit of planning and the correct pieces to go along with it. And the thing about fashion, is you can pair them in different ways. As we all know, our wallets do not have an endless supply, so why not mix the old  with the new this year? Happy Trending.

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