Spring 2015 Jewelry Trends

Spring is finally here. But it’s not like the weather knows the difference. We have been searching the web for the newest trends and this year the movement is extravagance and bright colors. Anything from earrings that are big enough to be seen across a room, to bracelets that cover half of your arm. We know the statements are hard for some of us to imitate, so we have compiled the jewelry we want to share with you to the styles and colors of these spring 2015 trends, rather than the size. The thing about fashion, though is that practicality is hardly a question. Who cares about that? But we need it, whether we know it or not. The pictures you see are just a few of the spring 2015 functional, and trending pieces from our shop that have gotten a boost with this new season.

The spring trends this year can be a perfect way to perk up your outfit. Its cute, functional, and bold all at the same time. It’s easy to create the style you want, with a little bit of planning and the correct pieces to go along with it. And the thing about fashion, is you can pair them in different ways. As we all know, our wallets do not have an endless supply, so why not mix the old  with the new this year? Happy Trending.

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A Ray of Sunshine Hit Avianti Jewelry Today

Shining Bright on the Red Carpet at Avianti Jewelry this weekend, is this stunning 18k White Gold Intense Yellow Canary Diamond.

Over 8 carats Radiant Cut Intense Yellow Canary Diamond

Total weight of Diamonds is 10 Carats.

This is a beautiful item to be worn on the Red Carpet. You will be shining on the carpet with this beautiful one of a kind design star stud ring and bangle.

The bangle has all sorts of fancy colors from yellow to green to orange to pinks…. The colors of diamonds on here are breath taking. Fancy color diamonds are rare.

Feel like a celebrity as you wear this amazing rock on your finger on the red carpet.

The ring has yellow gold filigree scrolls gallery around the edges and also on the bottom of the ring.

Hints of yellow gold to make the Canary Yellow Diamond be unique and stunning more then ever.

The Canary Yellow Diamond ring goes so well with this bangle with gorgeous fancy color diamonds all round to make you shine as a ray of sunshine.

The Fancy Color Bangle has all shapes and sizes such as: heart, round, square, princess, pear, marquise, diamond shaped, circle, oval, cushion, baguette, asscher, emerald, brilliant, trillion and many more shapes.

Mirco Pave set finish to make your Fancy Yellow Canary Diamonds to stand out.

If you are interested in Avianti Jewelry making a custom jewelry piece for you or selecting from our large inventory, please visit our website at                                        Aviantijewelry.com or call us at 818-248-1116.

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Bridal Jewelry and your wedding day. Time to get married!

First of all, we would like to thank Michael Anthony Photography for allowing us to use these beautiful Bridal Photos. Check out more beautiful photos from this Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer when you get a chance. We used this couple as an example of not only great wedding photography, but also how bridal jewelry however simple or complex, can accent your wedding day look. See below how a photo like this one clearly shows the rings and bracelet. (below)

Here once again the bracelet accents this romantic portrait (below)

Heres another wedding set of bride and groom rings (below) These are present in our showcase right now as well as several hundred more pieces!

Give us a call at (818) 248-1116 to inquire or come on in to our store and mention “Blog Follower Discount” and receive 25% on all purchases. We are located at 2137 Foothill Blvd. La Canada California, 91011.


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