Our Improved Etsy Site!

Here at Avianti Jewelry, we have begun to improve our Etsy site! We have begun to add more and helping our collection grow. We have everything from Vintage Jewelry to Silver Jewelry. Of course, per Etsy’s specialty, everything is handmade, custom and/or vintage.

Most of our listed jewelry is our handmade custom work of art! We have Diamond Engagement rings, wedding bands, gemstone rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and more!

We have Gemstone Rings that can be for birthstone rings, Anniversary Rings or even a unique Engagement Ring.

In our Silver Jewelry we have a Native American Collection and you can even find our Horse collection in our Silver Jewelry section.

In our Diamond Ring section, we have Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands for the lucky lady!

For our Vintage Jewelry, we have stunning, unique and classic jewelry that can only be bought here.

Since Avianti Jewelry loves going above and beyond, you can always message us on Etsy and we would love to help create your perfect custom piece. Just let us know!

If you are interested in Avianti Jewelers giving you a quote on a custom order, please visit our CONTACT page.


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