June Birthstones are Alexandrite and Pearls

The June Birthstones are Alexandrite and Pearls. Both of these items are very beautiful and vary in color.


Pearls come in a variety. There are Fresh Water Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Black Pearls and Mabe Pearls. Avianti Jewelry has many beautiful items with Pearls.

This is Avianti’s Vintage Pearl and Diamond Ring on Etsy.

Vintage Pearl and Diamond Ring by Avianti Jewelry on Etsy

This is our Tahitian Pearl Pendant on our website here.

Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pendant by Avianti Jewelry

This is our Black Pearl and Diamond Earrings on our main site.

Black Pearl and Diamond Earrings by Avianti Jewelry


Alexandrites are a very rare making hard to come by, an expensive stone and most are synthetic. The reason Avianti do not use Alexandrires, is due to those reasons and we do not want to sell cheap and fake stones.

There is one question many people ask: “Why do Alexandrites appear to hange color in the sunlight vs the artificial light?”

Here are the 3 main lights with the effects on the gems.


The radiant lighting contains a higher balance of red light and the Alexandrite appears red to a person’s eye.

Mixed Light:

Alexandrite effects the aspect of an observed color change from a greenish hue to a reddish with a change in source illumination.


Daylight contains high proportions of blue and green light and the stone appears green to the human eye.

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